The withering of EU

In the seventies of the last century, there was no lack of work in Switzerland in general and in Lausanne in particular. As students, we took great advantage of these opportunities to help, for example, pay our relatively expensive university fees at the time. In this context, I successively replaced on July / August, during their annual leave, two technicians from the CHUV (Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Vaudois), Messrs Rochat and Falci, at the Nestlé Hospital. The job was to take electrocardiograms (ECGs) and then hand them over to the appropriate doctors. These records were mandatory for any new patient who arrived at the hospital entrance service and, moreover, at the request of one or another department that makes up the hospital. On average, about 50 of these recordings per day were made on the mobile device in question. The work itself is not complicated. But, smearing electrolyte solutions and attaching suction cups to the firm breasts of young women to get a good ECG trace was, for a beginner like I, a recurring moment of truth in these recording operations.

One day, I was called in to do an ECG in the emergency room on an elderly patient whom staff had identified as an aristocrat of Iranian descent. The lady, in distress, was lucid but we felt in her a feeling of deep sadness as she was seeing herself largely naked, connected to monitors and surrounded by a staff for the needs of auscultations, blood samples and other diagnostics. At a certain point, this thought escaped her: “you know; I was very beautiful when I was young and the men turned around in my path”. There was pain in her voice, understandable pain, but the important thing for the medical staff at the time was to prolong her life. She was released after that, recovered, a few weeks after her admission.

In the period of the Covid-19 pandemic that we are currently experiencing, the story of this lady’s withered beauty can easily be compared to the image emanating from the unenviable situation that EU countries are experiencing at these times. Indeed, if there is no doubt about the past glory of many of these countries, more or less disparate but all clinging to the sacrosanct common market as a lifeline, there is no longer any doubt that, like this old aristocrat withered by time, members of the UE  are currently going through times that are anything but glorious. So think about the fact that Great Britain refused after Brexit to grant full ambassadorial status to the EU representative in London, or the recent expulsion by Russia of three European ambassadors during the very visit to Moscow from Haut representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Mr. Josep Borrell. The expulsion was even embellished with a comment that Russia was ready to sever trade relations with the EU. There is also the reaffirmed position of the pharmaceutical industry to supply vaccine to many countries before those in the EU, which do not produce vaccine on their own, because they pay better than the European Commission. This position of seeing the EU as a lesser clientele has also been held by President Jair Bolsonaro of Brazil. Tired of the French comments on the alleged high price of Brazilian soybeans, Mr. Bolsonaro advised French President Emmanuel Macron to buy “European soy” instead.

Globally, and as reported in posts before in this blog, EU countries have been experiencing one snub after another in recent years. The result is that the EU has a largely negative trade balance elsewhere in the world but in surplus with our African countries. However, this deficit of the countries of our continent with the EU is bound to be reduced, then to be reversed, as the Acfta (African Continental Free Trade Area) takes place. Despite this, we Africans are very tolerant. We obviously do not forget that, among other things, our former European colonizers traded in our ancestors as like animals and used our resources and our women at will without the slightest contrition yesterday or today. But, it would suffice that they show themselves a little more human by recognizing their responsibility for having committed the crimes that African countries and others accuse them of so to definitively turn this black page in their history and start another page of collaboration with our African countries. In fact, it is even in their interest because, to take the example above of the old aristocrat, the “equivalent medical staff”, to that indicated in the example above, which would prevent the UE from slipping into hell, can be neither America nor Asia which no longer find, according to our long observations, great interest in perpetuating their exchanges with the EU according to the current mode. Indeed, if the EU common market for the free movement of people and goods has shown signs of irreversible slowing down lately, experts also note that the Euro, another cement of EU countries and their favorite means payment, was built on inappropriate structures from the start. In short, the fact of maintaining at all costs the Euro outside the accepted rules for the support of a currency only increases the cataclysm which will inevitably end up occurring with disastrous repercussions including on Germany, considered until now as the industrial jewel of the EU.

However, the Europeans, who keep knocking on the door of the AU (African Union) to push us to formalize with them a new agreement for our exchanges, know more than anyone that we represent in a way the remedy they wish for their recovery. A continent rich in mining, fishery and agricultural resources, with more than 50 percent of the planet’s arable land fallow, has the potential to meet its needs and greatly help those of its neighbors for their immediate or future need. At the moment, the AU is in “wait and see” mode. But as a prerequisite, the EU must abandon what Mr. Yoweri Museveni, President of Uganda, called in a mid-February interview with Der Spiegel “the arrogant attitude of the Europeans”. In this sense, the EU countries must change their behavior quickly enough because, starting with Morocco and going further in Africa, we too will soon no longer need the services of Europeans for our trade and our prosperity.

In this regard, after Morocco’s official independence from the visible tutelage of France, many Moroccans of the Jewish faith (hereafter the Great National Elite) chose to emigrate to Israel and elsewhere. Considering the information gleaned over the last 35 years of our expertise work in Casablanca, first as a senior official of a Moroccan pharmaceutical group, then as a legal expert for the agro-industrial sector and, moreover, given my numerous exchanges with my late friend, Mr. Paul Pinhas Abergel (may God have his soul), kingpin of the Casablanca component of the Great National Elite; the plausible explanation, in our opinion, for this emigration of about sixty years ago is probably due to the fact that the Moroccan Great National Elite very probably understood before us that, in terms of Morocco’s independence, France had simply “retreated to jump better ”. In other words, the colonizer would have brought out his soldiers and put in place in a well-studied scheme other civilian officials, accompanied, in a more or less elaborate manner, by his bodies on the spot including the CFCIM (French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Morocco). It is useful to point out at this level that the CFCIM includes several hundreds of employees, which is indicative of the importance that the metropolis attaches to its Casablanca agency. But, in this new master plan to establish Parisian neocolonial prerogatives on our economy, there was no room for Moroccan citizens who want to help their country as is the aspiration of members of the Moroccan Great National Elite; which prompted them to withdraw temporarily (to expatriate themselves) while waiting for better times to intervene.

Today, that moment has come and our sovereign, King Mohammed VI, could not be clearer on the will of the Kingdom of Morocco to move towards a new model of development to allow us to recover our sovereignty over the set of essential economic activities of our country. Among these activities, there is the agro-industrial sector. In this regard, the Israeli expertise, recognized by everyone, is indisputable. Under these conditions, the engineers and other professionals of the Great Moroccan National Elite, who are now also part of the Israeli genius, are every day more numerous to show their will to return to their country of origin to answer the call of our sovereign to restore the Kingdom to its rightful place in the concert of nations. At the same time, it will serve as an example to other brotherly countries and friends in Africa and the Middle East.

We are pleased to remind you here that Israeli professionals, a good proportion of who are members of the Great Moroccan National Elite, provided great support to Europeans more than fifty years ago by making good food accessible, including chicken and turkey fillet, to low income members of the EU population. Even that the products of this good food were obtained on a largely arid land and far from the fertility and the water resources which benefit European agriculture (see here).

So, insofar as the growing impoverishment of the EU population is now a reality that no longer suffers from doubt, and knowing that the fishing, agricultural and other mineral resources of Morocco constitute a cumulative potential which places it among the top ten countries on the planet, it is more than certain that the EU countries, our immediate neighbors, would have every chance, if they so wish, to benefit from the Africa which is emerging with the advancement of establishment of the Acfta. The Moroccan Grand National Elite, which helped improve the food purchasing power of the European needy class half a century ago from Israel, will be ready, in the months and years to come, to start this operation all over again from the Kingdom of Morocco, their country of origin.

In this perspective, the contribution of the African diaspora, which precisely includes our Moroccan fellow citizens established in Israel and elsewhere, will be ready to help prevent the “EU Empire” of the devastating effects of the complications of withering which now heavily impact EU countries in full view.